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CLL's Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Center for Lifelong Learning has uniformly high expectations and is dedicated to providing every student with the skills to interact with and contribute to his/her community. Our staff will work collaboratively with parents and the community to promote, develop and support the independence of our students socially, academically, behaviorally and vocationally.  The Center for Lifelong Learning will empower parents by providing them with the skills and knowledge to encourage student independence.

The Center for Lifelong Learning

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The Center for Lifelong Learning provides specialized classroom instruction, based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis for the student with autism or multiple disabilities.  The program involves parents in collaborative partnership with school staff to provide a consistent approach to the students educational and behavioral needs.

Vision Statement

The Center for Lifelong Learning recognizes that our students, children and young adults are individuals, can learn and become contributing members of their communities.

CLL Values

  • The development of individual student strengths
  • Collaboration at all levels for the benefit of effective communication skills
  • Community involvement
  • Research based practices 
  • Respect individual ability
  • High expectations
  • The development of student independence